How Supplier Collaboration Portal enhance your AP team’s performance

What does a Supplier Collaboration Portal do in Invoice Processing?

  • Eliminate the administrative burden of supplier management on the AP team.
  • Suppliers get real-time flexibility to communicate with the AP team, track their invoice status and raise invoices.
  • The supplier will easily access, view, acknowledge, tweak (if need be), process, and respond to the PO’s.
  • The supplier should confirm the PO and conveniently add delivery dates and corresponding invoices.
  • The portal also stores a log of every event associated with a Purchase Order.

Top Indispensable features of a Supplier Collaboration portal

Purchase Order Collaboration

  • Access and Access View Purchase Orders
  • The portal allows Purchase Order Acceptance.
  • The portal allows Purchase Order Modifications by the suppliers.
  • Suppliers can update item attributes (line items) — including delivery capacity.

Invoice Collaboration

  • Suppliers can create invoices for any of the POs
  • You can also archive the invoice for record-keeping and easy retrieval at a later date.
  • Check the status of the invoice to know whether the payment has been made or not.
  • Resolve invoicing discrepancies and resolve any issues/disputes in the collaborative space.
  • Plus, view all the payment details — bank details and so on.

Advanced Shipment Notification (ASN)

Notification Engine


Top 5 benefits of using a Supplier Collaboration Portal?

1) Reduce chances of data entry errors

2) Improved follow Ups and Reminders

3) Lower administrative workload

4) End-to-end visibility and lack of compliance risks

5) Seamless communication and collaboration

Wrapping Up



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