Despite its advanced features and capabilities, implementing SAP S/4HANA is quite often complicated and time-consuming. One of the primary challenges is the difficulty in mapping the solution capabilities to business objectives. This, added to project deadlines and user adoption issues, calls for a modern that is…

Accounts Payable Software for Large Businesses

Large enterprises have complex requirements when it comes to financial processes and departments handling accounts payable (AP) work are mostly labour and paper intensive. Such complicated finance operations leave plenty of room for discrepancies accompanied by serious consequences. But it can be prevented by implementing intelligent .

There is so much content out there today to help companies decide whether to go greenfield or brownfield when they migrate their current SAP platform to S/4 HANA. A quick search on SAP greenfield vs brownfield will give you dozens of results with blogs, articles, videos and even people who…

Quality Engineering Transformation

Managing Principal, Quality Engineering

Joe Faluyi is the Quality Engineering Practice Principal at Applexus with responsibilities for managing and setting the vision for the practice as well as leading delivery projects. Joe has over 20 years of experience in the practice of testing and 10 years in SAP with a…


Even before the onset of COVID-19, the retail industry had undergone dramatic changes. Consumers can now shop whenever and wherever they want, and technology has made it easy to compare products and prices among retailers and across channels.

Retailers who effectively use their data to provide accurate omni-channel executional support…

Fit-to-standard is an approach that involves implementing industry best practices to build a clean core solution, allowing for faster adoption of S/4HANA within an organization’s SAP systems. It promises to give businesses a reliable core ERP system that is agile, dynamic, and responsive to technological and market challenges.

Being a…


Analyzing business data often requires the consumption of additional business-critical data from third-party sources. It is counterproductive to have to copy or move all this data into DWC for such analysis. Instead, DWC has the provision to integrate data from multiple sources, one such example being Google BigQuery.

Data federation…


SAP provides various options to migrate from legacy BW systems to BW/4 HANA:

  1. In Place: Convert the existing BW system to BW/4 HANA
  2. Remote: Install new system and selectively migrate BW Objects and Data (no selection option available for Data migration)
  3. Shell Conversion: Install new System and selectively migrate BW…


Our landscape involves creating reports (Stories) on SAP Analytics Cloud that uses a live connection to , where our reporting data models are located.

Fashion has always been a fast-paced and sensitive industry. With customer expectations fluctuating rapidly, delivering a superior shopping experience is not an easy task. Fashion companies are facing new hurdles in the wake of production and procurement departments becoming increasingly digitalized. …

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